Quilty Halloween & More

Design wall featuring my Halloween medallion quilt.

This is my work from the Tahoe Quilt Chick retreat… I started with the Union Jack bunting, then onto the Haunted House with witch blocks contributed from friends.  At the bottom is a picket fence, which will surround the  house on  all sides.  Later I made strata for a filler, and used flying geese to make “hats” for a border (with a strip under the triangle portion of the hat!”)

Ethan's Halloween manor house was my inspiration for the quilt center.

A few years back, Ethan drew this awesome house, complete with goblins peeking out from the basement and a pumpkin in the attic.  I tried to stay true to the design and coloring, but sometimes straying a bit, for a better composition.  That’s why my roof is black and the sides are dotty.  Yet I did manage to keep the basement spooks and the neat brickwork.

Heather's hockey-playing porch-guarding mascot!

Taking a break for the actual day here… another sunny California day meant a mild night & no coats to wear over costumes!  Our neighbors always do it up big!  Next door, Heather conjures up a hockey themed character, sporting a bandaged head injury and black eye.

Tucker lights the candles at Tricia's haunted house: very decorated and lively.

Across the street, Tricia has the best display each and every year.  She starts in late September and fine tunes all month.  Contrast with me, I rushed to get all my lights up on Halloween morning.  I even sewed two Halloween-themed buntings that day – WHY?  I couldn’t resist adding one more decoration.  We had dinner guests, one celebrating a birthday, so I felt compelled to do it up.

Fun bunting to go with my Halloween-themed quilt in the background.

I was really planning on making Christmas-themed bunting this year, but the opportunity presented itself.  More on that later, but if you’d like to get started, I drafted a triangle pattern just 7″ wide at the base by 8 1/2″ tall at the center.  Using shiny contrasting-colored rayon thread, I zig-zagged 2 pieces, wrong-sides-together.  Next, I trimmed the triangles with pinking shears (LOVE that jagged edge!)  Lastly, I inserted them into packaged wide binding and top-stitched down the bias strip.  Practically instant fun!

Our artsy and out of focus Jack-O-Lantern for 2012.

Having camera difficulties, this pumpkin photo didn’t turn out too well, but that’s all I have to show.  The very next day, after spending the night inside,  our good Jack got weepy and collapsed.  Maybe sleeping outside is best after all?

Last year's pumpkin was a bit under the weather!

Until next year….. missing the bright colors of pumpkin orange, limey green, punchy purple, and of course, go-with-all black.