Working Small

As a challenge to myself, I decided to enter a quilt into the Studio Art Quilt Associates 2012 Benefit Auction.  The donated quilts are restricted to a 12″ square format.  The tiny quilts are used as the primary fundraiser for the non-profit that promotes art quilts, through it’s exhibitions, website, and publications.  My idea was to take an existing pattern from my book & website, (yes, shameless self promotion!) and remake it in miniature.

Mini letters are only 2″ tall!

Now, if you know me, you would know I like to work BIG.  I generally make a small drawing, no more than 8 1/2 x 11″, then bring it to my local copy source, and enlarge it to 300-400%.  For this piece, I began with the original measurements, and divided by 4, to arrive at a finished quilt top within the specified 12″ measurement cap.    Some of the cut pieces are less than 1″ wide and under 2″ long!

When making letters and other diagonally-sewn pieces (think 1/2 square triangles) do you cut off those annoying tails?

The quilt is a cow and oh so cute in the reduced format.  I’m calling her “Micro Moo” and part of the book instruction includes how to do pieced lettering, to personalize a quilt.  Working tiny has it’s own challenges, like what to do with all those seam allowances butting up to each other?

Look – she’s only 12″ square, including the lettering!

I’m very pleased to have pushed myself to try something new and out of my ordinary work format.  This is how we grow and develop new techniques and strategies.  Now if I am stuck creatively, I can remember this exercise and push myself even further.  But I think I’ll keep this quilt for the San Diego Quilt Show in September.  They are exhibiting our “herd” assembled from friends and student adaptations of the “Purple Cow” pattern from our book.  Now I’ll need another quilt for SAQA… and fast.  The deadline for entries is June 1st!

Cute cow with a plan for hounds-tooth/ sawtooth border in black Kona cotton

Here I used “Fifi & Fido”,  from the spring 2012 Anna Griffin fabric collection.  If you have the book, “Out Of The Box With Easy Blocks,” and would like the reduced measurements, send me an e-mail here: melanie

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